Mobile Sales

Expert Mobile Sales Solution is designed to empower on-the-road sales force; your customer-related data and products information are at the fingertips of your sales force to process orders remotely. They will no longer be engaged in unproductive tasks that include manual orders processing, hectic stock counting, or flipping through paper-based customers’ cards and historical sales transactions.

Experts Mobile Sales Modules:


  • Sales Management Module:
    Experts Sales Management Module is designed to correspond to multiple sales policies, whether they are Van Sales, Order-to-Sales (Pre-Sale), or hybrid operations. This module ensures compliance to your policy from order generation processing to the issuance of invoice and collections.
  • Remote Inventory Query Module:
    With this module you can instantly check the availability of the inventory on hand in addition to inventory level at the warehouses to enable on-the-road sales force capture orders correctly immediately.
  • Customer Management Module:
    This module gives your team the capability to access customers’ history, reports, orders status, or contact details. But, most importantly, each user only gets information that is relevant to the assigned territory/route destination. Organizations can assure that no conflicts among their sales force routes will occur.
  • Self-Serving Module:
    While preventing conflicts in a sales force routes is central, growing your retailers’ chain is crucial! Individual users may lookup specific details such as customer names and can choose to add new customers to the assigned routes if any are not locked by others.