do IT Experts way

About Experts Turnkey Solutions

Experts Turnkey Solutions, is a Palestinian based leading IT services and solutions provider founded in Jan,2011 by a professional team of technical’s and businessmen which was split from the core team of HULUL Business Solutions. Experts years of experiences is not measured by the date of establishment, this is because all Experts staff have several years of experience through their work in previous companies starting from Hulul which merged from ATS, Paltel and Jawwal ICT departments.
Experts signature “do IT Experts way” is based on our complete understanding of the different business needs that are spread across a wide range of sectors and a uniquely prodigious approach in the process of collecting, analyzing, developing, implementing, and integrating the required solutions in the manner that will best satisfy each client’s distinctive needs.
Experts Turnkey Solutions offers its diverse set of solutions and services across the nation, while ensuring required local and on-site support and services for sustaining successful implementations. Our teams work closely with our customers in order to get on-site and real time data and feedback in order to continually advance and improve our services.
With hundreds of projects delivered, an immense amount of intellectual capital that covers multiple business cycles and sectors, and a team of more than 50 employees, we at Experts have succeeded in delivering innovative software solutions, IT/business consultations, and many more numerous services, and we put before our eyes our complete commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.