Mobile Billing

Experts Mobile Billing Solution was developed in order to stream the procedures for accomplishing the tasks without complicating the job; the system was design with the consideration of Ease-of-Use as the top priority. The system handles everything from loading or unloading the reading data, entering the readings and calculating the invoice, and collecting the payments while in the field.

Experts Mobile billing main functions is:


  • Scanning and searching for the meters information using the Hand-Held Units (HHU) barcode reader and the meter Barcode.
  • Search by Service Number, Meter Number, Customer Number, and Reference Number.
  • Display customer and meter information.
  • Enter the meter reading and notes.
  • Reading warnings for high / low readings
  • Allows to add estimate readings in special cases according to meter status
  • Calculates and issues bill for customers.
  • Collect the calculated invoices and old debts, and issues a receipt to the customer.
  • Issuing reports to the reader (readings, invoices and collections).
  • Compatible with the most advanced devices in the field.
  • Fully integrated with Experts Billing Solution.