HR Portal

As a complementary to the HRMS, we have designed and developed a web-based HR Portal for employee self-services. The HR Portal can be easily integrated with the HRMS in order to instantly provide any employee with their pay slips, vacation and leaves credits, and/or any other additional information the employee may need.

Our HR Portal enables the employee to request vacation and leaves, and send messages in a completely automated manner. This helps in reducing the load on the HR and Admin department, increases productivity, decreases paper work, and eventually helps in achieving your business goals more effectively.

Experts HR-Portal main functions and components:


  • Employee Self Service, you may modify numerous master data files and qualify data simply and transparently. As an employee you can self-execute all your HR daily transaction without referring to any professional, anytime and anywhere, as it’s a web application using internet standards, in addition it represents a collaboration and communication tool for you vertically with your higher level management, and horizontally by sharing the company events, official documents, and social activities.
  • Manager Self Service, Eliminates time staking manual processes for managers whose plates are already full by allowing them to create and post schedules online or conduct a performance evaluation process electronically and delivering approvals.
  • HR administrator services, Performs all HR business processes including system administration, build HR process using company’s practices and controlling and monitoring all HR self-services in all company’s levels.
  • Employment Applications. Provides companies with online recruitment tool and mange automatically the recruiting cycle process.