Billing system

Experts Billing System is one of the most comprehensive, flexible, state of the art integrated billing software solutions available today. It is used by the utility companies here in Palestine including all electricity & water distribution companies, and municipalities. Our billing system has been designed to service the ever-changing operational conditions and  business needs of organizations especially those operating in the utility sector, Experts Billing System adopts and adapts to changing business process, meets regulatory and stakeholder requirements and supports expansion into new services and geographies.

Experts Billing System is a multi-branch, multi-cycle, multi-currency, and multi-lingual modular system designed to manage the complete billing cycle that includes: Applications, Meters reading, Invoicing, Collections (Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Bank Accredits, and Tampering cases-Electricity Theft), debts scheduling, setup system, and security system. Additionally, one of the most integral parts of the billing system is our Mobile Billing System which was developed from scratch by our specialized team. The billing system has four main modules: Setup Module, Applications Module, Billing Module, and Integration Module. Additionally, Experts Billing System is integrated with GIS, and other systems developed by Experts such as, Financial, HRMS, and Archiving Systems to form a complete business suite.

The most important part of this system is the Applications Module and Workflow that handles customer’s requests for any kind of service that they may need (new service connection request, change meter request… etc.). Additionally, it keeps track for the application workflow and procedures regarding the required equipment until shipping from the inventory and then finishing the work even it can calculate the invoices for the required items and also can collect the payments (partially or fully payments which is either cash or cheques. This issue is done with fully integrated procedures between the application module, Order Management and Inventory Modules.