Human Resource Management System

Experts HRMS stemmed from our core belief that the most important asset to any organization is its man-power. Hence, we designed our multilingual HRMS in order to automate the complete recruitment-employment-retirement cycle in order to manage your resources in complete alignment with your business needs and objectives.

Our HRMS has the capability of providing an up-to-the-instant view of all human resources related activities, such as, performance management, recruitment, administration, training … etc. while providing alerts to both management and employees toward the company status and news.

Experts HRMS Modules can be summarized as below:


  • Administration Module
    This module will keep your company employees information updated, while ensuring to deliver the policies and procedures and to apply them is a consistent manner.
  • Recruitment Module
    In this module the HR staff can summarize the recruitment cycle to Requisition → Managerial Approval → Vacancies → Advertisement → Application → Filtering → Interviews → Selection; in a systematic manner.
  • Personnel Module
    The Personnel module captures data about the employees from their ID and name to any special requirement info required by the Organization Policy.
  • Payroll Module
    The Payroll module acts like a Multi-Scale System that Allow running payroll calculations many times, define budgets, enabling the firm to track the benefit fund and its investments and allowing payroll calculation for late transactions and compensation automatically.
  • Attendance and Vacations Module
    This module give the HR Department the ability to track employee’s daily attendance, recording regular work, overtime, vacation, sick leaves and any other leave for the whole payroll period.
  • Evaluation Module
    The Evaluation Module streamline evaluation process throw KPIs indicators, that extend the capabilities to conduct top down, bottom up, cross functional evaluation.
  • Human Resource development Module
    The Human Resource Development module tracks, manages, and delivers training to keep an efficient and productive workforce. With real-time what-if analysis tools a manager or an HR person can plan for succession, best positioning, and best fit for employees.
  • Project Management Module
    The Project Management Module give you the ability to assign each employee to the company running project, while monitoring those projects status and time consumption.
  • Historical Module
    The Historical Module give the HR user the ability to make query/inquires to system at any time, regardless of other jobs being processed, for both current and historical data.

The Modular design and scalability of Experts Human Resources Management System guarantees to accommodate organizational growth. The Web enabled HRMS supports data access from various platforms such as Microsoft Server, Linux and UNIX.